Major Football Tournaments Across The Globe With Colour Coding

Before we begin to take a look at the major football tournaments all over the world, you must understand that there is a universally recognized colour coding in place which goes on to indicate the level of competition. For instance, Youth Men Tournaments are designated by the Cyan Colour, the Fuchsia colour is used for denoting all football matches played by youth women. Then there are the yellow-coded beach football competitions, dark-coloured sub-national teams matches, the medium-coloured championship leagues involving major clubs and the light grey colours to depict the ones played by smaller clubs. In the women’s zone, you have the red colour depicting senior women’s games and the pink colour that shows the championship is being played by young women. Lastly, there is a green colour coding to indicate Futsal Football Championships.

Needless to state, the FIFA World Cup is the most-watched football event of the world, but that does not undermine the popularity of other events such as the FIFA Confederations Cup, the FIFA Women’s World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games. Many of the youth team are equally popular, and this includes the FIFA Under 20 and Under 17 World Cups for Men, and of course, the Under 20 and Under 17 World Cups for Women. And it would be unfair if one did not mention the FIFA Club World Cup, which football fans certainly look forward to, all through the year.

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