A Glimpse Of The Football Fields For Beginners

For those who have just begun watching football, it will definitely help to know a few specifications of the field. Well for starters, the dimensions of the field are 100 yards x 53 yards. This is fixed across all football fields of the world, no matter how popular or unpopular the sporting event is. And if you are wondering what those white marks in the field are called, I’d like to tell you that these are called yard-markers. The purpose of designating yard markers prior to the beginning of the game, is for the purpose of keeping track of the ball. Also, in addition to the fixed dimensions of the field, there is a presence of extra 10 yards marked on either of the sides. The area covered under this 10 yards, is technically known as ‘end zone’, and therefore, there are two end zones on any football field, on either of the sides. Football fields can be set up and ready to play in as little as 20 minutes, usually the goal posts, corner flags and nets are stored in a secure facility nearby the park for easy transport.

As you are already aware, there are 11 players in both the teams. While one team takes the offense by kicking, grabbing, shifting, passing and advancing the ball out of the reach of the other team (which is the defence), the intent of the team on offense is to take the ball to the end zone and take it past the line for a goal.

What are the time stipulations in a football game?

So you have a total game duration of 60 minutes, that’s divided into four quarters of 15 minutes each. And you also have a stipulated 12 minutes break time once two quarters are over, which means at the end of 30 minutes. Each quarter begins with a kickoff. In case there is a penalty by any player, the kickoff needs to be started again, thereby ensuring that the game is fair and both teams are provided with fair and equal opportunities at scoring goals.

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