Facts About The Much-Hailed And Anticipated FIFA World Cup

The global football championship that is held every 4 years, and that the entire world looks forward to with bated breath, had actually been flagged off with the inaugural tournament in 1930. What’s interesting to note was that despite spurring off a great fan following and immense popularity, the championship could not be organized as planned at two occasions, once in 1942 and the next in 1946, both of which can be accredited to the mayhem and disaster that was the second World War.

Not everyone’s aware of the history of the FIFA World Cup, but you might be certainly living under a rock if you are unaware of the fact that the last event was held in 2014 in Brazil. It was Germany that won the much-coveted trophy, and they are the presiding world champions as of now. Various other awards and accreditations are also given out during this tournament that stretches out over a time period of around 2 months. Some of these include the Golden Ball, the Golden Boot, the Golden Glove Award, the Best Young Player Award, the FIFA Fair Play Trophy and the award for the most Entertaining Team.

Brazil has participated and won in the championship 20 times and happens to be the all-time champion till date. At the 2nd spot, there is a tie between Germany and Italy, both of the nations having had 18 participations and victories. This is followed by Argentina, Spain, England, France and Uruguay.

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