About Me

Welcome to Pickering Town FC – the fan site for all things Pickering Town. You can’t go a furlough without having a football fly in your direction or maybe a rugby ball! Yup, these two keep Pickering Town in a violent love triangle that leaves everyone dear to the former in a constant state of excitement. When the weathers cold, it is the perfect time to hit the green lush fields. When it is hot, which it hardly ever is – why stop going to the fields? Even rain cannot dampen the spirits that this town has.

When I was 12, my dad took me to see the Pikes play for the first time. Ever since then, I make it a point to be there for my team be it David or Goliath we face. Rugby though came to me much later in life as I entered the adult years. College is where I fell in love with the sport. In fact, up until college, I did not even enjoy watching rugby but something changed when I played it for the first time.

Participating in my college team, representing them in the division level somehow tore me up inside between my passion for football and my new found love for Rugby. That was the day I felt the pulse of Pickering Town and how it felt stuck between the two sports.

My site is a simple fan’s recollection and treasure of thoughts on the two sports. Trivia, history and more is what you will find here.